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Kid Room Storage Made Easy

When looking for effective kid room storage units consider both your child’s current and future needs.

One of the most genuine excuses kids have for not hanging up their clothes is they can’t reach the rods. This is where an efficient closet organizer comes in. A child can’t be independent if she can’t access her own clothing. A good kid room storage tip would be to incorporate a lower closet rod.

For taller kids or teens don’t dismiss the idea of installing a second rod beneath the first to create double hang-up space.

Another good kid room storage solution would be to install shelves at child-accessible heights. This is ideal for bulky items like sweatshirts and sweaters. For easier access your child may prefer to store her jeans on a closet organizer shelf instead of in a drawer.

Good kid room storage is all about maximizing the existing space and incorporating a closet organization system that works for your child.

In addition to shelving another kid room storage idea would be to incorporate a series of hooks. Such hooks would be ideal for hanging everything from robes to jackets.

Plastic milk-type crates rank high on my kid room storage list when it comes to maximizing storage space. Consider stacking plastic crates on one side and hanging all tops and other short items just above.

On the other side where there are longer items like pants, skirts or dresses you could use just one or if you have room, two crates positioned side by side. Alternatively another good kid room storage idea would be to use a short shoe rack in this area.

Take this closet organization idea one step further and purchase ready made tower shelving. Similar to the crate idea tower shelving is a one piece unit that’s ideal for storing sweaters, sweatshirts, pajamas, jeans or any other items that require folding.

Other great kid room storage solutions include grouping your childs clothing by color.  Ask your child if she would like her clothes grouped by color e.g. pink T-shirts with pink dresses or by groups like school clothes and play clothes. Or maybe she would like to keep unlike things separate – one grouping for T-shirts, one for dresses, and one for skirts and so on.

The same group method can be used for all the other items in the closet; shoes, baseball caps, bags etc.  If she doesn’t find a particular grouping system to her liking she can always opt to change it later on.

As mentioned previously a good kid room storage solution involves making the most of your childs closet and utilizing every inch of the space. Look to your childs closet door for one of the best kid room storage opportunities available. Just think of how valuable it could be for hanging things. Over the door hangers and shoe bags are great organizational tools.

When it comes to kid room storage, be creative. Use you imagination and come up with design and storage ideas that will work to your childs advantage.