Southwestern Style Characteristics

There are distinct characteristics in the southwestern style that can easily be explained by imagining a desert scene.  Picture all colors of the desert, the green of cactus, the red mountains of the Grand Canyon, and the Native American heritage that comes from the Arizona, New Mexico regions of the United States.

There are two types of southwestern style.  The all natural organic version, with over scaled furniture made from  log pole,  and the use of rugged materials such as iron, stones and wood.   Then the city version of southwestern with plastic cactus decorations and wall hangings, coyote figurines and the use of peach and teal coloring.

General Colors and Characteristics are as follows:

  • Native American Indian accents
  • Organic materials, iron, adobe, wood and smooth rocks
  • Brightly-colored patterned fabrics inter mixed with natural colors
  • Oversized furniture, log pole ladders and adobe fireplaces
  • Colors that are seen in the desert sunset, hills and prairies