Recover A Lampshade – Do-It-Yourself Project

An Easy Way Customize Your Lamp Shades

A lamp shade is an item which is infused with light, filtering the glow of the lamp, while also displaying it to the room beyond. There are a variety of styles you can purchase from decorative stores, of you can truly take control of your illuminated options by creating custom fabric covers for your shades using the steps below.

To start, you need to get a sturdy, translucent lamp shade. You will also need to pick out a piece of cloth that looks good when back lit. Felt scissors, clean release tape, and a good cloth adhesive will be necessary as well.

Roll the cloth along the side of the lampshade, and then trim it so that there are two inches hanging over the top and bottom, with a slight overlap between the edges that meet wrapped around the shade. Trace a line of glue along the shades seam, and then press one of the edges of the fabric into it firmly. Hold it in place with tape for at least thirty minutes. Once dry, wrap the other end tight around the shades body, and tape it in place. Do not glue it down yet.

The top and bottom of the shade should now have two inches of overlap. Starting at the bottom, fold the material along the edge of the shade, and then draw a line tracing the crease. After that, trim the fabric until it is only a half inch from the line. This should then be folded inside the outer fabric, and glued along the edge of the shade to create a perfect seam. Tape the material down, and then repeat the process on the top edge.

The final step is to take the loose flap that you taped down and glue it to the actual fabric. The material should be pulled taut, but not so tight that the cloth rips or shifts from its glued position. Then fold the outer flap in, creating a crease about a half inch in the cloth. A line of glue should be drawn down the edge of this, and then placed against the outer edge of the lampshade firmly. Tape everything down with clean release tape in order to ensure that it doesnÂ’t move for at least a full hour before it will be ready for use.