Planning a Wedding

When you accept your partner’s proposal for marriage, you want to celebrate your lifelong commitment to each other. You want to relax and celebrate your union together, but you know there is work to be done. Both of you call your families and announce to them your upcoming marriage, and then they tell you to start planning your wedding. The wedding that will allow both of you to celebrate with friends and family your decision to commit to each other.

The leader of the ceremony will ask you and your partner if you promise to commit to each other, and both of you will make your vows to be faithful. Everyone will be dressed in beautiful glistening and pressed dresses and suits, as you and your partner descend down the aisle. Pictures with friends, family and well wishers will proceed after the marriage is nullified. Dinner, drinks, and you will dance with your partner as a symbol of your unity in front of everyone to admire.

Everything in the hall will be decorated with the finest material, china, and flowers. You sit with your partner and imagine everything in your mind. The question both of you have is how to plan everything to be almost as perfect as the two of you invision? Everything must be planned in detail, because it is the day of hope and a new future. It brings two people together, and helps unite both families.

Whether it is extravagant is irrelevant. What is relevant is that yourself, partner and families start planning as soon as the news is announced to everyone. Thus, it is tiring, stressful, and a perfect test to see how you, your partner and families get along.

You must try to book a religious or other ceremonial hall fast. Meet with the person conducting your ceremony, so he or she can understand what both of you want to be said and done. Ask questions about the cost, music, and decorations and how many people the room can seat. When you have decided which place to hold the beginning ceremony of your celebration, tell your family. so they can help pay for some of the costs if needed. Once you have everything booked with the ceremonial hall, it is time to find and book a spacious banquet hall. Make sure the hall is nicely decorated according to your mutual taste. If you wish to book a banquet hall, don’t expect to get one at the last minute. Ask about cost, and then ask if the two families will agree to help. In addition to the cost for the banquet hall, You will also have to pay for the Disk jockey.

Dress fittings for the bride, bridesmaids and others in the wedding party must be done six or seven months before the wedding takes place. Shop at various bridle and dress shops before deciding. Calculate costs, and you will find the perfect one in a reasonable price range. Suits can be tailored for the groom, best man, etc. Shop at different stores, and look for quality material. If you and your partner shop at high-quality retail outlets, one can usually find clothing that is tasteful, and elegant for minimal cost. When sending out invitations, don’t spend a lot. People will appreciate your invitation, even if the cards are not top quality.

If you are fortunate, however, your families will agree to pay for the entire celebration.

Weddings are a time to celebrate your partnership. It is important that you plan this day, as you have planned your life together. Remember, however, that it is not the extravagance that makes a wedding successful. It is the promise to commit to each other, the pride on the faces of family and friends that make it worth the time and energy of putting it together.

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