Multipurpose Furniture – Small space  Budget Furniture Ideas

Using Multifunction Furniture Ideas for a Small Space or Small Budget

Here is a quick list of items that can be used for multi purpose decorating. When you are working with a small space or just want to save some money by choosing multi-purpose furniture.

  • Ottomans with storage – they can be used as a table, foot rest or storage space and can easily be moved around a room.

  • Sofa-sleepers, daybeds, or trundle beds. Sitting / Sleeping

  • Armoire – Can be used to store clothes, TV’s / Electronic equipment and basically anything you would store in a standard bookcase.

  • Nightstand used as a dresser or desk top.

  • Dining room tables with extending table tops. Great for small space use, and they are can easily adjust for larger spaces.

  • Think indoor outdoor. Wicker is used both indoor & outdoor. When indoors, use pillows, blankets and fabric to create a cozy comfort. Then you can also move it outdoors when you decide to upgrade.

  • Resin stackable chairs have evolved into a style all their own. They are easily stored when not in use. A color matched pillow placed on is a quick way to make them work as an appealing functional piece.

  • Mobile furniture (items that have wheels) also can help people use space well. Rolling wooden carts with cabinets underneath can be used in any room.

There are two ways to shop for furnishing and it depends on your current budget. You can either by less expensive furniture with the understanding you can upgrade later. In truth most budget furniture is “disposable” furniture and may not last long. The second way to buy good quality furniture, if your budget allows, is to invest your money in buying quality furniture the first time around. Quality furniture rarely goes out of style and will blend with any style when accompanied with current trend accessories.