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NHL Fans Bringing the Game Home

 NHL fans are expressing themselves louder and wilder than ever after this year’s Stanley Cup festivities. True fans are bringing the game home with hockey-themed decorating.

 And you thought you were a hockey fan

After CBS, Pepsi and Bud Light announced their contests looking for the ultimate hockey fans, hockey fanatics began coming out of the woodwork to tell their stories for a chance to get a little closer to the Stanley Cup.

Dean McCord, a Flames fanatic in Calgary, Alberta, devoted his entire basement to a hockey shrine. Peter Calder is part of a large family who lives in rural Ontario, and despite having no electricity, plumbing or cable, they all gather to watch the games projected onto a bed sheet.

Do-it-yourself hockey shrines 

Less extreme NHL fans can still show team spirit by decorating their apartment with a favorite team’s colors or logo. Be sure to check your apartment’s guidelines for painting before you start spreading team spirit onto the walls.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to decorate without bringing the maintenance man to your door. If painting carries stiff penalties, consider posters of your favorite player matted in team colors or hockey equipment to bring life to the walls. Hockey bedding and home accents are also available for each of the NHL’s 30 teams.

Even without taking it as far as Dean McCord’s basement, hockey fans can find everything they need to turn a room into their own hockey shrine, from shower curtains to bed sheets.

Bring home the ice

Hockey fans watching the game on TV can bring the stadium excitement into the living room too. Team throws and pillows make a bold statement for their team and liven up a hum-drum chair or couch. Save those stadium souvenirs for wall decorations or table-toppers. They’re sure to be conversation-starters, and next game day at your place will be that much more authentic.

A truly devoted hockey fanatic could even get their hockey bedding autographed by their favorite player after the game. An autographed blanket would make a great addition to any home hockey shrine, but how many people have an autographed NHL shower curtain hanging in the bathroom?

For hockey fanatics of any age 

Decorating a room with NHL bedding and home accessories is the first step an hockey fan can take towards ultimate fandom. Even after they’ve gone to sleep, their NHL bedding will still be cheering.