Interior Design 101, Texture-Patterns

Textures and Patterns

(RDD)  Patterns and textures will serve an important function in your decorating.  They will add interest and character to an otherwise plain color scheme.  Your choice of patterns and textures will follow your decorating style, the limitations of your environment and you personal preferences.

There are so many choices of available that the task of selecting textures can be overwhelming. If you keep these rules of thumb in mind you will be able to make knowledgeable selections and maybe even use optical illusions to create a dramatic arrangement.

Patterns can effect how you see proportion.  By following these rules of thumb you can wisely select patterns to enhance any room.

  • Complex Patterns that use several colors  and diagonal, criss-crossing lines are busy for your eye. They can liven up a large area, but it may be overwhelming for a small room.

  • Vertical Lines add height to a short room, or add more height to a high ceiling.

  • Horizontal Lines add space, width to an area.

  • Remember the Size and Scale of your space.  General rule of thumb, the larger the space, the larger the print, the smaller the space the smaller the print.  Yet adding a large print to a small area can give you a feeling of grandeur.

  • The same grouping or pattern used throughout an area can draw together a wide open plan. It will create a flow and sense of continuity.

  • Colors affect how we see patterns.  High contrast patterns create an energetic feeling and colors close in value create a more subdued environment.

  • Texture affects color. Rough textures will absorb light while smooth textures will reflect light.

Always remember to select patterns and textures that appeal to you and work well with your overall plan.  It is always wise to collect samples of what you love be it pictures, paint chips or color swatches.  Feel free to experiment, remember as a renter, if you buy it, you keep it.  If you love something in an apartment, you will probably love it your house too!