How to Arranging Accessories – Organize Accessories

Learn how to arrange accessories on a table, in your room for the perfect display without the clutter.

How to Arranging Accessories – Organize Accessories

Arranging your accessories and creating a beautiful display of collectibles is easy when you follow these simple ideas:

1. Use Odd Number Groupings –  one three or five, seven, nine… you get the idea. A great place to start is by reviewing and duplicating professionally inspired arrangements as in magazines such as Martha Stewart Living. Notice the details, the odd numbers, the sizes, shapes and colors.

2. Size Matters – There are two ways to display your collectibles. A symmetrical display means everything is the same size and color. This works best in modern, minimalist or elegant style decorating. Asymmetrical groupings work best in a more casual or contemporary situation varying sizes cause the eye to flows gracefully over each item.

3. Don’t over accessorize – Enough is as good as a feast! To many items displayed can equal clutter. To get the most visual impact out of the items you want to display, choose sparingly and rotate different decorative pieces every few weeks to a month.

4. Display what you love –  A fundamental element of good Feng Shui is to love what you have. Accessories are not necessarily for your guest, they are for you to enjoy. Be willing to look carefully at what you are accessorizing with. Do you love it? Then show it. If you get lukewarm feelings about it either store it away or discard it.

5. Accessorize one space at a time – Take your time and think about what and where you are placing objects. Remove all accessories and start with a clean slate. Methodically place treasures, step back and take a look, then add another.