Decorating Walls with your DNA – Unique DNA Art Portraits

Step 1:Select your color and size options .

Step 2:DNA 11 sends you an easy to use collection kit complete with instructions. Step 3: Follow the step-by-step direction and send your DNA sample back to our labs using the pre-addressed envelope.
Step 4:Your DNA sample is processed in our secure lab:
DNA is extracted and we run it on a gel
The gel is photographed using a special camera
The end result is a raw black and white digital file.
(This usually takes up to 4 weeks.)Step 5:We digitally enhance and customize your DNA fingerprint. We then print your art piece on the highest quality canvas using our in house Giclee printer.
Step 6:Each art piece is visually inspected, ensuring the highest quality standards. Your art is then hand varnished and signed on the back by the founders of
DNA 11.
Duration: up to two weeks.

Step 7:Your art piece is shipped to you rolled in a protective tube.
It will take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks to receive your finished art piece from the day we receive your DNA sample.

These artistic DNA originals have a starting cost of $390, thumbprints start at $190…a small price to pay when you consider it is your own personal unique “Van Gough”.

So if you are interested in an original piece of art or if you’re just plain curious to see what your DNA really looks like, head on over to