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Create the Ultimate Luau to Celebrate any Occasion this Summer

Ever wonder why the Hawaiian Islands always seem so happy and care-free? Because it’s all in the language and culture. The Hawaiian word luau means a festival or celebration that brings together a family or community for any occasion, at any time. So, whether you’re on an island or in the quiet of your own backyard, planning to entertain for a dad or a grad, there is no better way to celebrate than with a luau. The following are a few tips and a selection of recipes provided by King’s Hawaiian to help make your tropical paradise party flow as smoothly as a Mai Tai:

Decorate with color and creativity: Create festive tables with brightly colored floral tablecloths from a fabric store and centerpieces made from island fruits like pineapples, coconuts, bananas or mangos. Colorful flowers (fresh, silk or even homemade) can be placed in key locations to brighten up entryways, restrooms or other gathering areas.

Greet your guests with the Hawaiian spirit: Welcome your guests with a flower lei and a big “Aloha,” or for the more advanced, “He mai” (welcome). Encourage your guests to dress festively. A Hawaiian shirt, sundress, sarong or mu’umu’u are always appropriate luau attire. For female guests, you may also want to have loose flowers on hand to tuck behind their ears. Those who are romantically available should place the flower behind their right ear, but if her affections are currently occupied, put the flower closest to the heart, behind the left ear.

Food: Happy guests are well-fed guests! Plan your menu to include a variety of authentic King’s Hawaiian dishes from easy-to-prepare appetizers, an entrée from the kô’ala (barbeque), and a sweet island dessert that will have your guests exclaiming “‘Ono loa!” (very delicious!).

Set the mood: No luau is complete without Hawaiian music and dancing. Pick up some Hawaiian tunes in the international section of a music store or even at your local library. Games like the limbo or learning a simple hula can be great ice breakers and provide fun photo opportunities. And if any of your guests are so inclined to pick up the ukulele or don a grass skirt, all the better.

Keep the party going: Just because the sun is going down doesn’t mean the party has to come to an end. Tiki torches and floating candles add a nice touch and a little extra light as you and your guests enjoy a sunset and each other’s company.