Cleaning a Junk Drawer – Getting Organized

Ninety-nine percent of the people in this world have a junk drawer. So, I’m certainly not going to tell you not to have one.

However, I am going to recommend that you organize it a bit so that instead of a junk drawer, it can be called your HELP drawer.

Here are just a few simple steps to make this transition:

  1. REMOVE EVERYTHING. Take everything out of the drawer and place it on top of your counter. If your junk drawer is removable, remove it from the track and turn it upside down onto your counter. You may want to lay a sheet of newspaper down first to help protect your countertop.
  2. SORT. On your counter, begin categorizing each widget (i.e. thumbtacks in one pile, buttons in another, toothpicks in another, and so on.) By the way, when you come across a gadget that you can’t identify, put it aside. Check with others in your family to determine if it a) can be identified, and b) if it is truly needed. If not, toss it.
  3. FIND DIVIDING TOOLS. Find something around the house that you can slip into your drawer to keep these categorized items separated, such as an ice cube tray, drawer dividers, small boxes, or 3 oz Dixie Cups. Organize these separators into your drawer.
  4. CATEGORIZE INTO COMPARTMENTS. Finally, begin replacing the items you are going to keep, ensuring that each categorized item is in its own place.
    You’re done! Voila! One minute you have a Junk Drawer, and the next minute, you have a Help Drawer!