Children’s Theme Bedroom – Volcano and Science

Decorating a child’s room based on a theme, is a good way to focus your creative decorative talents. Choosing a science based theme, means that you will be reinforcing learning and thinking in your child every time they walk into the area. However, you don’t want to decorate their room in such a way that you make it unpleasant for them.

That is why you should talk with the child first, and discuss how they feel about your ideas. Discuss various themes, and try to steer them towards ideas that may give them a chance to learn something about the world. If you can’t get them excited enough to work with you, then it is probably not a good idea to proceed. One theme which may interest them, is decorating their room based on volcanoes.

Within the silent mountains belly, there is a fire growing hot. Its flames are fierce and growing bolder, stronger, until the very rock around it melts into an angry molten goop and it explodes in a blast of fire ash that blots out the sky.


This is the excitement of the volcano, the idea of titanic destructive forces. Use the lure of such ideas, to get your child to ask questions as you proceed with the development of the area. Try and arouse their curiosity, then help them find the answers. Gather lots of books with big pictures, to use as references and inspirations for your work. Before you begin, look through the books to find out about the different rocks, effects, and structures that occur within a volcano, in order to make the room as authentic as possible.


A good place to begin is the floor. Unless the room has orange, red, or pink carpeting, you may want to purchase a few red throw rugs to scatter about the room. These can be pools of lava surrounded by rock. A game you can play is to tell the child to avoid stepping on the lava, so that they have to jump from bare patch to bare patch to get around the room. This turns the entire space into a big toy.


Flames and lava flows which run down the wall can be simulated by cutting out pieces of red construction paper in the shapes of flames. Yellow or orange outlines drawn into these will give them a nice effect. Thumb tack these to the walls, and even the ceiling, to surround the area with fire.


You can create whole volcanoes in a similar manner, by using larger sheets of brown or gray paper. Your volcanoes can be small, with the appearance of being off in the distance, or huge reaching straight up to the ceiling. Either way you can use cotton painted gray at the tops of the volcanoes to create the look of smoke billowing from its crest. A border of grey clouds along the top of the room, with a series of volcanoes on the walls reaching up to it, can be a nice interplay of dark and light colors. Experiment to see if this is an effect that you and your child enjoy.


This kind of a theme goes hand in hand with starting a rock collection. You can begin by purchasing some rocks that really came from a volcano. With a little research, you and your child may be able to locate rocks which are just lying around from a volcanic explosion millions of years ago. Even if they aren’t from a volcano, any interesting rocks you find can be collected, and displayed in the room, to help the overall ambience of the volcano that you are trying to create.


Designing the room together can be both a wonderful bonding experience that also allows them to learn something. Encourage them to research further, and to make the room as realistic as possible. At the same time, engage their imagination, and help them to develop a vision of what their room should look like, and then implement it. In this way you will be encouraging many positive traits in the child while working with them will help the two of you grow closer.


Children should not try any of these ideas out themselves without the consent and supervision of an adult. Caution should always be used in any activity that involves a child. Make certain that none of your decorative efforts causes any damage to the childs safety.