Bedroom Redecorating – 5 Easy Steps

Five Easy Steps to a New Look Bedroom!

A few easy changes can transform the appearance of your bedroom. Best of all, you can do most of the work yourself, save some money, and end up with a bedroom that has been given a new look. Try these ideas:

1. Clean up the clutter

This is the time to evaluate your needs and wants. Carefully assess the items in the room and remove anything except those items you wish to keep for the new room layout. Be discerning! You’ll be amazed at how much better the bedroom looks with just this one step.

2. Redress your bed
The bed is the most prominent object in the room so you can transform the room simply by changing the bedding set. Choose something that matches your personality and and use it to set the mood and theme for the room.

3. Don’t forget the floors!
An area rug is a great way to change the look of the room without a complete overhaul. Remember, darker floors will make the room appear smaller, while lighter colors will do the opposite.

4. Throw in some pillows and add some shams
Accent pieces, shams and euro shams that coordinate with your bedding provide an easy way to carry the design scheme around the room. Many companies offer entire lines of accent pieces designed to coordinate and complement the bedding sets they offer.

5. Treat your windows to a new look
Choosing longer drapes that reach to the floor will elongate the walls and give the room a grander ceiling. For a traditional look, contrast the window treatments to the color of the walls to allow them to shine as a distinct element in the room. Matching the drapes to the wall gives a softer, more contemporary feel. Alternatively, try some valances or blinds.