Bamboo Floor Lamps can add a Beautiful Touch to any Room.

Bamboo floor lamps are becoming very popular these days, alongside the arc floor lamp. You can put these lamps into any decorating scheme, and they will look fabulous. This assumes that you know where and how to use the lamps.

To save space, you can easily put a lamp in each corner of the room. This will ensure that it doesn’t get in that way of any of the room’s other functions, while still providing a high level of lighting. You can also control how bright the room is by selecting how many lamps you will switch on. You can also choose a bamboo floor lamp with a dimmer switch, so that you can control how much light each bamboo lamp gives off.
These floor lamps are upto six feet high. So make sure that you don’t choose a lamp that will overpower the rest of your room.

Bamboo floor lamps are generally made of a thin material, which uses a wire or a plastic structure internally, in order to retain the right shape.
Because bamboo can easily be designed into different shapes, these floorlamps come in a wide variety, ranging from the conventional to the abstract. Depending on your tastes, you can choose a lamp that is classic and elegant, or something that’s quirky and will be a conversation starter. For instance, many bamboo lamps come is unusual shapes, such as that of a person’s silhouette. If you light up such a lamp, it will definitely attract a lot of attention. Some other unusal shapes include spiral designs, a stack of books, or an imitation of boxes stacked on top of each other.

Bamboo floor lamps can be purchased both in stores that are brick and mortar, or online. You can even try to purchase them from online auction shops. is one of the most reputable stores online. One their most popular sellers is a floor lamp that is made of rice paper and is cylindrical in shape. It’s quite tall, and generates a soft light using 60-watt bulbs. You can easily place this floor lamp in a corner of the room, and it will provide a touch of Oriental style and understated glamour. This lamp reminds me of a lantern, and has received very high feedback from customers. The lamp shade is ribbed, and bows smoothly in the centre. The shade is made of soft white rice paper. The lamp has a stem and base that are painted a sophisticated, matte silver. It also has a very convenient foot-activated switch. This is especially useful if you’d like to switch the lamp on when walking into the room, and off again while walking out of the room. It belongs to Amazon’s Contemporary Home Collection , and is priced very reasonably. Almost all reviewers consider that it’s incredibly good value for money. One reviewer even said that it’s survived a move, so it’s actually quite a sturdy lamp.

Regardless of the design of the lamp you buy, make sure that you buy it from a reputable store, and that the design matches your decorating preferences.

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