8 Great Ideas for Decorating a Sunroom

8 Great Sunroom Decorating Ideas

The combination of natural beauty and invigorating sunlight automatically makes a sunroom an attractive area, and only need to do are make a few tweaks here and there to turn it into one of the most comfortable spaces in the entire home. The following are some ideas to inspire your decorative efforts.


Editor Note: This information is good for every room so if your rental space doesn’t particularly have a sunroom…this information can still be used!

1. Try to maintain a feeling of flow throughout the space. Remove all clutter, and only use a few tasteful, unassuming furnishings in the room. You want the natural sunlight to be able to stream in and through, leaving the entire area feeling open and free.

2. The best colors in a sunroom are going to be light, airy tones, such as pastels, light pinks, oranges, or yellows. Test colors out in the space before hand using chips or paint samples on drywall to see how each color is affected by the incoming sunlight.

3. Choose your curtains carefully. The windows are the most prominent features in this space so they will be focal accent points. Make sure that any window dressing can be removed or pulled back to allow adequate light in and open the room up to the outdoors. Translucent cloth curtains allow some of the illumination to stream through, while keeping prying eyes out

4. People commonly use furnishings in a sunroom which are built from natural or outdoor ready materials. These can include natural stone, whicker, rattan, or teak hardwoods.

5. Make sure you have a couple of lighting fixtures in your sunroom so that the space will be usable at night. Use ambient lighting to turn the space into a casual and relaxed lounge, where people can gather close for conversations at night

6. A few plants will help to connect the room to the outdoors. However too many will overwhelm the space, and detract from the view of the natural world that streams in through the windows.

7. Clutter is the enemy in this space. You want to remove small decorative pieces and unwanted or unnecessary furnishings. The focus should instead be on the view that comes streaming in through the windows.

8. There are a lot of ways you can use a sunroom. It can be a place for games and hobbies, or a quiet conversation corner. You can use it as a romantic getaway, or as a place for the kids to play, out of the way. The function of the space should always lead any decorative endeavors.