5 Ways to Add Low Cost Accents

Similar to adding the right accessory to an outfit, adding certain design elements to a room can take it from plain to put-together.  Two designers, Jamie Gibbs of Jamie Gibbs and Associates and Elaine Griffin of Elaine Griffin Interior Design and author of Design Rules: The Insider’s Guide to Becoming Your Own Decorator provide five practical tips to add drama to a room, while still leaving you with money leftover for the right accessories.

1.    Flowers:

You don’t have to tear down a room and build it up from a perfect blueprint to have a great space.  There are certain things you can add to any room to leave guests wowed without much effort or cost.  Flowers are a great first step says Elaine Griffin.  Add flora in eye-catching colors like bright pink, purple or yellow to brighten up any interior.  To add extra flair, choose a vase in a complementary color and mix types such as yellow roses, snapdragons and hot-pink gerbera daisies.

2.    Print Rug:  If a room is too simple, make the rug your focal point.  It can often set the style and is inexpensive enough to be bold.  For the pattern, try graphic, animal or stripes” says Jamie Gibbs.  Use a large rug that covers most of the room and experiment with the shape of the rug as well as the pattern.  Rather than the standard square or rectangle rug, try a circle or oval shape.  While handmade rugs can become very costly, there are several inexpensive machine woven styles at various retailers that pack all the punch and are still affordable.

3.    Pillows:  Pillows can be the most cost-effective way to add color and texture to a room.  Try silk, suede and even linen.  Mixing color and materials is key for a dramatic and styled room advises Griffin.  To save money, go to a local fabric store and buy several striking fabrics to make your own pillow covers.  These can easily be swapped seasonally or by mood.

4.    Wall Art Painting in bold colors is not the best idea.  It is often expensive, time-consuming and when too exotic, people usually get overwhelmed and want to change it after only a few months.  A great way to have a splash of color and add pattern to your walls without the cost and time, is by using WallPops wall art.

It is non-commitment decorating that is fun and can be easily changed says Griffin.  The peel-and-stick wall art comes in dots, blocks and stripes in various colors and patterns that can be arranged to create patterns, stripes or cover an entire wall.  New styles have recently been added including:

§  Bali: a black-and-white intricate design with an ethnic/tribal feel.

§  Carnivale: a red, orange, yellow and brown circular pattern with blossoming floral patterns inspired by Brazilian margaridas

§  Esprit: a colorful, modern floral print

§  Habitat: a nature-inspired leaf print with popular colors like teal, chocolate brown and a grassy green

§  Go Wild: a black-and-white zebra print

§  Twister: a violet, tan, deep cerulean blue and olive green retro pattern with free-flowing swirls and dots with die-cut stripes

The great thing about these patterns is the fun colors and the on-trend design.  Wall art doesn’t have to be color-coordinated to the room, you don’t want something that is neutral but you don’t want something that clashes, it offers a range of color within the design that allow you to go in very different directions Gibbs says.  Also available, Wall Art Kit that include several pieces of wall art and WallPops Dry Erase Sheet, Dry Erase Monthly Calendar and 4-Piece Calendar Sets that serve as great organizational tools.

5.    Mirrors: A mirror can not only add space to a room but also style.  Look for large mirrors in vintage stores and flea markets with interesting frames.  Place the mirror so it is one of the first things you see when you enter the room or place several mirrors together to create an accent wall to add depth and design offers Gibbs.

By adding these elements to a room, you can go from basic to dramatic without spending a lot of time and money.

WallPops is manufactured by Brewster Home Fashions based in Randolph, Mass.  Established in 1954, Brewster is a family-owned and -operated fourth generation company.  Brewster distributes throughout the U.S. and has distribution facilities in Canada, the United Kingdom and China.  A category leader, it offers six additional brands and more than 10,000 wallpaper choices.