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Bring out the best in your home with the latest styles, colors and designs in bedding, bath, window, cooking, dining, storage, entertaining, and beautiful home accents

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 Apartment Decorating Articles
What Items Do I Need to Furnish My First Apartment 
 Organizing Accessories - Furniture Arranging
Designing Home Decor With Brilliant Yellow

Decorating Your Walls  
Renters are sometimes challenged in decorating walls due to landlord guidelines.
Here are some inspiring articles to get wall decor tips and other ideas for
beautiful walls

 Wall Decorating Techniques

How to Select Art for Your Home
 Choosing Art, Posters & Prints Online
 Simple Wall Decorating Ideas on the Cheap
 Framed Art - Posters & Photograph Decorating Ideas
 Wall & Furniture Sponge Painting Tips
 How to Select REAL Art For Your Home
 Arranging Pictures & Wall Art

How to Hang Picture & Display Art
 Arrange Wall Groupings
 How to Hang Decorative Plates
 Arranging Wall Art
 Picture Arranging with Furniture
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 Painting Techniques & Tips
 Painting 101- Paint Sheen Guide
 Top 10 Painting Tips
 Painting - Faux Marble Do-it-Yourself Project
 Painting  A how-to painting guide from - Lowes.com
 Wall Painting Techniques
 Special Features

Do-It-Yourself Wall Art - Make Your Own Wall Designs
 Decorating Walls with your DNA
 Walls...Letter From a Landlord
 Removable Wallpaper - Fabric on Walls

Decorating your Bland Walls
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