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    • Interior design styles
    • Gardening tips for renters ( plants, recommendations and care)
    • Instruction on selecting quality home decor products
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    • Walls, windows and accessories.

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  • The article must be between 250-350 words. (Over 350 words may be rejected)
  • Articles may be archived and kept on file to be used in future publications.
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Recommendations for getting your article accepted

  • Self promotional verbiage written within articles is generally not accepted. Use of  the bio to emphasize specific products or services  provided is encouraged.
  • KEEP IT RELEVANT.. Review our site to be sure that an article does not duplicate other content already active on the site and also it will be of interest to our audience.
  • Articles written in an outline format  (example: "5 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen" )have a better chance of getting accepted as they are more easily read by our visitors.
  • Authors and companies who have purchased advertising space will be considered first when determining article selection. Placing an ad is not a guarantee of article publication as content itself is key. 
  • Write unique content. We select articles that have not been mass distributed and WILL NOT be mass produced throughout the internet. If we can find the article somewhere else on the internet, it will most likely not be accepted.
  • Articles providing specific assistance to the rental community will be given highest priority.
  • We are interested in referring our visitors to high quality resources. All bio information and referenced websites are reviewed in making our selections. The source of the article is just as important as the article itself.
    • Adequate contact information must be provided on the recommended site.
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