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Organize Your Life in 10 Minutes!  

Simple and easy!

 Keep a list of small tasks that can be accomplished in 10 minutes or less. (You may have to take a few extra minutes to prepare you for the 10 minute tasks…but it will be well worth it). Be sure you have a timer…it’s your best friend here! Ready -  set -  go!

10 Minute Chores: Everyone should participate! Make a box and list of chores that can be done by every family member (each task should take no longer than 10 minutes!) Write them on a slip of paper to be placed in the box. Once a day each person draws a task. They can be age appropriate such as pick up toys.  

10 Minute Pick-Up: Starting at the front door, grab a box and walk your home. Take 5 minutes to pick up anything that is not where it belongs and the remaining 5 minutes to put things away.

10 Minute Beauty: Pluck it, shave it, clip it, mask it! Take 10 minutes to do those special things to fine tune your look!

10 Minute Clean up: Dust blinds, wash windows, clean baseboards, change furnace filters…all those tasks that may be over looked.

10 Minutes Personal Growth: Grab a book, watch a video or write in a journal! Everyone has a purpose and taking time in each day to grow into a better person is well work the small cracks of time!

Just following these simple steps will have you organized and moving in the right direction in no time…well, maybe 10 minutes!  


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