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"The Renters" are getting ready for their remodel! Watch as they set the stage of events that will be happening and you get a lay of the current floor plan. This rental home remodel is estimated to take between 8-10 weeks as they are moving themselves out and then into their landlord provided trailer located on the property...
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Designing Home Decor With Brilliant Yellow

Simple Steps For Planning an Outdoor Party

Japanese Lanterns

One of the best ways to celebrate an event is to throw a party set amidst the beauty of the natural world. Outdoor parties take a little bit of extra planning, but the payoff can be worth it, with the elements of nature itself acting as decorative accents for the festivities. This can create a situation where the warmth of the sun and the touch of a breeze are inherent parts of the celebratory experience.

Getting Started

- Start by deciding whether you want a buffet style event or something more formal where all your guests will sit at a central location.

- Determine how you want to feed your guests. You can barbecue, cook indoors, or have the event catered.

- Plan ahead, and make sure there are shaded areas where you can place food to ensure that it doesn�t rapidly spoil.

Arranging the Space

- You should look at the space that you have, and try to arrange your elements to support the type of party you want to create.

- Tables are a great place for decorative accents. Edible treats such as bowls of fruit, or candies can provide you with splashes of color that your guests can munch on.

- If you don�t have enough outdoor furniture, dining chairs and folding tables can be used to supplement your pieces, in order to ensure that everyone has a place to sit.


- Holding the event outdoors gives you a variety of options for ways to entertain your guests.

- You can get everyone involved in group sporting event such as volleyball, racquetball, or kickball.

- Set up a separate area for kids to play, filled with toys and games that will keep them occupied. If it is a sit down event then a separate kids table filled with paints and coloring books to keep them occupied.


- During the day, the sun can illuminate the event. If you have a cloudy day then extra fixtures can be brought outdoors to ensure that your guests have plenty of light.

- At night, string lights can be strung across walls or overhead to create enchanting illuminated displays.

- Candles can create a soft flickering glow in your outdoor areas. Citronella candles have the extra advantage of keeping insects away from the event.

- Tiki torches are a popular outdoor accessory that can be used to create pathways and rooms in open outdoor spaces.

This article was written on behalf of PebbleZ�s line of outdoor bistro tables which are hand crafted from real pieces of mountain born natural stone materials. The content itself was written by Joey Pebble, an artist and designer of stone products.

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