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HomeBedroom Decorating
Small Space Decorating: Small Bedroom Ideas
By Kathy Wilson

When decorating a small bedroom, the first thing to keep in mind is whether you want the small space to appear cozy, or as open and light as possible. Neither is a wrong answer, just a matter of taste. Determining which direction you want to go in for your decorating scheme can go a long way towards getting you the result you want in your small bedroom. Here are some easy and inexpensive small bedroom ideas for creating a wonderful haven full of style!

Warm, cozy bedroom wrapped in style

If youíre perfect bedroom hideaway includes feeling like you are wrapped in a cocoon of warmth and security, include these elements in your small space decorating scheme to achieve the look.

*Use warm colors on the walls and bed. Examples are reds, golds, terra cottas and browns.

*Layer fabrics to add warmth and comfort to the room. Throw pillows and blankets, layered fabric table coverings and layered window covering are all possibilities.

*Use pattern in your small bedroom! An easy way for beginners to combine patterns is to use a floral, a stripe and a solid with coordinating colors in each.

*Use accessories to add personal style, but donít overdo. You want to add jewelry to the room, but you donít want clutter.

*Speaking of clutter, make sure that in a small bedroom you have plenty of storageÖdonít allow things to cloud your perfect oasis! Use under bed storage, closet systems and double duty furniture to keep all your possessions in their place.

Open, airy bedroom filled with freshness

If open, airy and fresh describe your perfect nighttime resting space, then here are some guidelines to decorate your small bedroom refuge.

*Using cool colors in your small bedroom including blues, greens and purples will give your room the illusion of more space. Be sure to use light tints to maximize its space stretching ability!

*Keep windows as simple as possible. Simple shades are a great option, perhaps with some sheers or side curtain panels. If you match the window color to the wall color, you will make the room look even larger. Be sure to hang window coverings so they allow in the maximum amount of light when open.

*Keep your color scheme simple, and your patterns to a minimum. One color and white goes a long way towards that ethereal feeling!

*Make sure you add style with art and accessories, but use one or two larger, simple pieces instead of many smaller pieces or collections of small items.

*Make sure you keep all your personal things put away in there proper place. Nothing disrupts the fresh, airy feel of a room faster than a pile of clothes on the bed, or a nightstand full of unopened mail.

Small space decorating can be a challenge, but with these small bedroom ideas you can be well on your way to meeting that challenge with style and comfort!

Want free home and garden ideas? Kathy Wilson, is an author, columnist, and home decorating expert. Visit her at her websitehttp://www.DecoratingYourSmallSpace.com  and also at http://www.TheBudgetDecorator.com


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