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Basic Bedding:
Essential Bedding Terminology

Educate Yourself When Shopping For Your New Bedding

by Jared More

Bedroom & Bathroom ResourcesYou may be searching for Bedding for your home, or plan to in the future. When shopping for bedding you may come across different terms for parts of the bed, mattress sheets or other aspect of the sleep set that you may be unfamiliar with. This article is designed to educate you in Essential Bedding Terminology so that when you look for bedding you can make an educated and informed purchase. These terms are not all encompassing but should cover the most common expressions you will come across.

While most of us are familiar with the most common elements of bedding ensembles there are other terms to consider:


Bedding- used to describe an entire ensemble including sheets, pillows, comforters and accessories.

Canopy- a fabric that is suspended above the bed often using posts.

Coverlet- a general term describing a bed covering, includes, comforter, duvets, quilts, bedspread and blanket.

Duvet- used to describe a warm and comfortable coverlet that is filled with down feathers.

Matelassť- a fabric which has quilt like indentations.

Quilt-  coverlet which is made from pieces of fabric sewn together with decorative cross-stitching.

Synthetic- artificially created material that is not found in nature.

Thread Count- the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch.

Before you start looking for your beddig set you may be looking for the physical sleep set. A sleep set includes the mattress, box spring, headboard, footboard and foundation. Here are some terms that you will frequently come across when shopping for a new sleep set.

Bed frame- a frame that maintains the position of the foundation, headboard and footboard

Box springs- a common term used to describe a foundation which has springs inside a wooden frame.

Coil configuration- the pattern of the spring arrangements in a mattress.

Feather bed- a soft think mattress top layer that is filled with down or feathers.

Futon- a thin mattress that is placed on a movable frame that can be converted from couch to bed.

Filling- the term used to describe the material that occupies the mattress, pillow or comforter. This can make a great difference in the quality and comfort of the item.

Firmness- the amount of resistance that a mattress has relating to body weight. Determines the amount of give the mattress will have.

House Brand- A retailerís custom brand which only they offer.

Mattress- the actual sleep surface of the bed.

Ticking- the fabric which surrounds the layers of the mattress on the outside.

Shopping for bedding can be, believe it or not, a fun experience. Especially when you know what you are looking for. Remember that when you are looking for your new bedding ensemble or sleep set that not everyone offers the same quality products. The decisions you make on bedding will affect your comfort for years to come. Educating yourself a little before hand and researching your options will help you make a better decision that will ultimately improve your comfort. In addition to researching the different types of bedding you should also check out who you are buying it from. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by going with the right retailer. http://www.ajmoss.com.

Written by Jared More for http://www.ajmoss.com. Please visit our website for more detailed information as well as sales and purchasing of bedding ensembles and more! Whether you prefer a fanciful, fun, elegant, or subdued look, you will always find the perfect Thomasville bedding ensemble at ajmoss.com. Please call us toll free at 877-862-1270 and a member of our experienced staff can help you select the perfect pattern today

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